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Logo Files Explained

It's very important to get the correct formats for your logo files, in the long run, it will save you money since you won’t have to pay again to fix your files.

To start, your logo must be designed in Adobe Illustrator, make sure that is what your designer is using, no exceptions!

The EPS (also called vector) file is the most important file, it's best for printing. The EPS is the highest resolution you can get and can be enlarged to any size. The EPS has a transparent background. The EPS can ONLY be opened/edited in Adobe Illustrator.

The average person probably doesn't have Adobe Illustrator on their computer, the program is subscription-based. That would not be an unnecessary expense for anyone that is not going to use it on a regular or daily basis.

Your EPS should be in CMYK color format, once your designer creates the PNG and JPG, they should be in RGB color format so the logo can look their best online, like your website and social media posts.

When creating a document, you can PLACE the EPS into your document like any other image.

Your graphic designer should also include a PDF, that shows the content of the EPS since you can only open the file in Adobe Illustrator. Again, do not force open you logo EPS in any program.

The PNG is created from the EPS, they are best for online use. The PNG has a transparent background. The PNG is a Photoshop file.

The JPG is created from the PNG, JPGs are best for online use. The JPG is a Photoshop file. If you have a wide logo, you can ask your designer to place it in a square-shaped JPG for social media. The profile square requires that, so the left and right side of the logo are not cut off.

This Check List is very important, please ask these questions to whoever you choose to design your logo and make sure to get the fonts and colors they used in your logo design in a Style Guide. Will you be using Adobe Illustrator to design my logo and the final file will be an EPS? Can you also send a JPG and PNG of my logo?

Can you make sure to “outline stroke” for any lines used in my logo?

Will you “create outline” of all the fonts in my logo?

Will you create a Style Guide with fonts and colors used in my logo?

The only correct answer is YES to all of these questions! No exceptions!!!

If you have any questions about your logo file, please send an email to and I would be more that happy to answer your questions.

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