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Case Study: Rick Carter

First of all, I would like to thank Rick Carter, CLU, ChFC, Mediator Insurance Agent for participating in my case study. Please contact him for your insurance needs.


In marketing your business or service it’s important to catch the eye of your target audience. Images that show who your target audience is will help attract the right customer.

In this example, the information is all there, but nothing stands out. There are no images to show the viewer who this is targeted to.

This is the original file Mr. Carter used to market his insurance business. It's OK but not very eye-catching.

There are too many different font types and too many colors. This makes it overwhelming to anyone reading this. The eye doesn’t know where to go.

Having a headline that is large text and stands out on the page is the first step to talking to your ideal client.

Make sure your contact information is noticeable and stands out from the other information.

If you have a website, make sure to match the design of your flyer to the style of your website. That includes colors and fonts.

The Redesign

In the redesign, I added a photo that shows who the target audience is. I added one of the important details at the top, having 44 years of experience is very important. That shows you have knowledge in your industry and that is a trust worthy trait!

Mr. Carter printed these to hand out to prospects and also used it as an ad in a business directory. It is more attention-grabbing with some color and a photo.

I also added a photo of Rick, I added some icons to show where the phone number is, the email, and the physical location.

I included the logos at the bottom that show that he is the Local Business Person of the Year, Community Supporter, Highly Recommended, and received the Main Street Supporter Honors. These also build trust for his audience.

Instead of just having the wording about searching for him on Google, I included the Google graphic with the wording that people should search for. A visual detail that makes it stand out.

If you need assistance with your graphics, contact me today.

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