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Terms & Conditions

1. ‘Galan Graphix LLC’ is Myrna Galan trading as Galan Graphix LLC.
2. ‘The Client’ is the party making a booking for design related services from Galan Graphix LLC.
3. ‘An Order’ is the request for services from Galan Graphix LLC.
4. ‘The project’ is a term used to describe service from Galan Graphix LLC.

The terms and conditions apply to all dealings between The Client and Galan Graphix LLC. By placing an order with Galan Graphix LLC, you as a Client are forming a legally binding contract for services and you agree to the following terms & conditions.

• All quotes are valid for 30 business days only.
• All prices are in US Dollars.
• Any additional work outside the terms of the quote will be charged at an hourly rate of $90 per/hour.
• Galan Graphix LLC is not responsible for increases in materials by third party services (ie. printers, packaging suppliers, web developers) where the increases are beyond our control.

• A 50% non-refundable booking deposit is required before starting any design project.
• All overseas clients are required to pay 100% upfront regardless of the project price.
• Payments are to be made via PayPal.
• All invoice terms are 3 business days from the date of the invoice.
• Accounts which are not paid on time will incur a late administration fee of $50.
• Accounts which remain outstanding for 14 days after the date of invoice will incur an additional payment fee equivalent to 5% of the projects costs for each week payment is outstanding.
• Final artwork files will not be handed over until the invoice has been paid in full.
• All printing invoices must be paid prior to sending the artwork to print.
• All work not completed within a 1 month period will be invoiced regardless.
• Payment is required for any artwork or drafts, that have been terminated on your request at any stage of development, prior to completion. Invoice will be issued as ‘work to date’.
• If debt collection is required for unpaid invoices, The Client is responsible for any costs incurred (fees/commissions payable to the debt collectors)

• The Client may cancel this Agreement for any reason by providing a minimum of 10 days written notice to Company, any deposit paid prior to cancellation will be non-refundable.
• Galan Graphix LLC may cancel this Agreement at any time for any reason by providing written notice to The Client. In the event that Galan Graphix LLC cancels this Agreement, Galan Graphix LLC  will provide any artwork completed and paid for to date.

• Galan Graphix LLC cannot guarantee the outcome of design services and the client’s comments about the outcome are expressions of opinion only.
•The Client acknowledges that Galan Graphix LLC cannot guarantee any results for design as outcomes are based on subjective factors that cannot be controlled by Galan Graphix LLC.

• Galan Graphix LLC is an online business therefore the majority of our communication is made via email, (not via any app or text), this helps us keep track of specific design requirements & any changes required.
• If you would like to chat with us on the phone or via Zoom we are happy to do so, however we ask that you please email us and make an appointment for a time to chat.

When the first concept is presented to you, I will explain what design decisions have been made. At this point you will have the opportunity to provide feedback and request modifications if required. Up to 3 revision rounds are included within the project scope.

In the unlikely event that additional revisions are required beyond this, they will be charged at a cost of $50 per revision round, and will be added onto the final invoice.


We have a policy that after 30 days of no communication from you we will terminate the project and it will be considered cancelled.

• The Client assumes full copywrite and reproduction rights upon full payment of a completed project.
• Galan Graphix LLC retains personal rights to use completed projects and concept artwork for the purpose of marketing Galan Graphix LLC.
• All images displayed on the Galan Graphix LLC website or social media platforms are subject to copywrite, and must not be copied or used without full permission from Galan Graphix LLC and the Client. Any breach of copywrite will result in legal action being taken as necessary.


Upon full receipt of final payment, [Client] is granted exclusive and unlimited usage and reproduction rights to the final designs prepared for [Client] as part of this project. Galan Graphix LLC reserves the right to reproduce any and all designs created in print and electronic media for Galan Graphix LLC's promotional purposes. ALL designs created in the storyboarding, drafting and presentation process NOT selected in writing and paid for by [Client] as final artwork remain the sole property of Galan Graphix LLC and can be used for future projects, for sale, or Galan Graphix LLC promotional material in print and online. Should [Client] wish to purchase any of these designs for their use, [Client] may do so strictly within 30 days of final sign-off and payment of project.

Final payment ensures that ONLY the agreed design becomes the clients property. Any previous ideas/concepts remain the property of Galan Graphix LLC, unless any prior agreement has been made.

Galan Graphic LLC has the right to show any artwork, ideas, sketches created for this project in a portfolio as examples of client work.

• The Client allows Galan Graphix LLC to display any projects on the Galan Graphix LLC website/social media platforms/and portfolio for self promotion purposes.

• Galan Graphix LLC will make every effort to meet deadlines. All quoted turnaround times are approximate. Galan Graphix LLC will not be held responsible or liable for any costs resulting from late artwork or printing deliveries.

• Approval is required for all projects, via email prior to work being released.
• While all care is taken by Galan Graphix LLC, Galan Graphix LLC is not responsible for any spelling, grammatical, numerical errors or omissions after final approval. Even if these errors are from Galan Graphix LLC, it is the Client’s responsibility to proof read and check thoroughly their projects to identify any errors prior to approval.

• Some designs may contain stock images that are available for purchase.
• Any images supplied by the Client must be provided in high resolution and preferably in CMYK. Galan Graphix LLC is not responsible for color variations in conversion from RGB to process CMYK.
• Galan Graphix LLC is not responsible for the reproduction quality of supplied images.

• While all care is taken, Galan Graphix LLC does not take responsibility for Client supplied artwork that does not print properly.
• Please note that color on projects can vary from screen to final product. Screen proofing is not indicative of final printed piece. Printed colors can vary from printer to printer, job to job, run to run, or even front to back, due to the nature of the CMYK printing process.
• Trimming can vary from printer to printer.

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