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Galan Graphix is a minority, woman-owned full-service graphic design firm. We provide client-focused design solutions to clients all over the country. We focus on creating concepts tailored to each client. Our ultimate goal is to produce results, turn client ideas into reality, and build long-term relationships.

Galan Graphix is a design firm that prides ourselves on value, quality, and execution. We provide each client large design firm quality work.


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If you know the value of great Graphic Design, then email us. Maybe we can work together. We only have room for 10 Clients each month to ensure that we can do our best work for each and every Client. So contact us today and we can start a conversation.

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We encourage you to review some of our clients’ most frequently asked questions below. Many of these questions are logo-specific, as that is where most of our client work begins. However, several of our services share similar processes. If you cannot find information regarding your question or concern, please contact us.


Q. How much are your graphic design services?

Our prices vary based on the type of service(s) you request, such as a logo design, e-book cover, social media images, business card, etc. Unlike many of our competitors, however, we offer flat rates for our various services. 


We’ll outline the base price, everything included, and what will generate an additional charge or fee. We are committed to offering affordable design services at the same level of quality as a larger agency. Please contact us to request our list of services or a personalized quote.


Q. What does the logo design process entail?

Whether you request a logo or e-book cover design, we have similar processes in place for each of our services. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Every logo project begins with an initial client meeting to discuss your ideas, target market, and how you plan to use the logo (e.g., for the web, print, merchandise, etc.).

  • We generally ask you to provide samples of logo ideas you like or dislike to understand your preferences better. 

  • After we’ve landed on a design strategy, we work to deliver three initial logo options. 

  • We will then provide an agreed-upon number of edits, gain final approvals, and release your logo files.

  • If you require additional concepts after our initial three ideas or need a couple of logo designs for multiple companies, we can provide a customized quote to meet your needs. 


While providing a lot of upfront information and ideas regarding your logo concept is helpful, we work with all types of clients with varying ideas of what they want in their logo design. We’ll be sure to gather all the information we need to begin designing.


Q. Will I own the copyright to the logo artwork once the project is finalized?

Yes, the copyright and final files we outline in our agreement will be released to you and will be 100% yours, provided the project is fully approved, complete, and paid in full. 


Please note:

  • Only final files will be released to the client (e.g., vector, PDF, .jpeg). 

  • Native files that contain proprietary styles and custom icon work developed by Galan Graphix belong to our firm and will not be released or sent to anyone. 

  • Galan Graphix owns the licensing for stock imagery used in some materials; however, clients may use images for marketing purposes. 

  • You may request to purchase stock images if you wish to use them differently or work with another design agency in the future.

  • We reserve the right to use any artwork for promotional purposes.


Q. Do you use clipart from Microsoft or another program when designing logos? 

We do not use any pre-made clipart when designing logos. We create and draw all of our artwork and designs from scratch, based on our initial client meeting.


Please note: We may use licensed stock images or photography with certain services, such as social media images or e-book cover designs. 


Q. How will you provide the final design files?

Once the project is fully complete, approved, and paid in full, we will email you the final electronic files outlined in our agreement. 


We also store a copy of your project if you would like to make updates in the future. If you lose your original files, you may purchase an additional copy for a $150 fee.


Q. In what file format will I receive my logo?

We will provide files in EPS (vector), .jpeg, .png, and PDF, and a guide explaining how best to use each file format. Similar to clipart, you’ll be able to use the images for various brand marketing purposes such as stationary, business cards, brochures, websites, marketing collateral, etc. 


Q. How long is your logo design turnaround time?

Once you pay your deposit, we typically provide your first three logo options within five business days. Turnaround time may vary based on other services you secure.


Q. Will I be informed of the status of my logo throughout the design process? 

Absolutely. We are upfront with you regarding your artwork and frequently communicate throughout the design process. For example, we will contact you when approving colors, making edits, and finalizing the design.


Q. How involved will I be in the design process?

While we produce the quality of work similar to a large agency, our smaller structure ensures we can give our clients a customized experience with as much or as little involvement in the design process as they prefer. 


In our initial meeting, we encourage you to provide samples, color combinations, and other style preferences, so we can best meet your tastes and desired outcomes. However, we’re just as comfortable working with clients who have little design knowledge or need more guidance. 


We’ll ask you to approve things such as colors and fonts during the design process to ensure we’re on the right track with your concept. We’ll also provide a design proof and gain final approval before going into production. Once a project is in the production phase, it can’t be changed or canceled, so we work to ensure you’re satisfied at every stage before moving forward.  


Q. I need a design now! Can you help?

Please call us, and we can learn more about your request. Turnaround times vary based on the service you request and our current production schedule. We’ll do our best to accommodate rush jobs if our schedule permits and for an additional fee.


Q. I don’t know what I need or where to start. Can you help?

Some clients have a clear idea of what they want, while others need more support and direction to determine how we can best serve them. 


We encourage you to call us so that we can learn more about your needs, problem solve and outline your options. We understand design and branding can seem overwhelming, so it’s our goal to help put things in perspective and provide supportive guidance and solutions that fit your business. 


Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept business and personal checks, VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, cash, and money orders.