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Brand Clarity

Trying to Define your brand and business personality?

Baffled by how to express your essence?

Not quite sure if your ideas are hitting the target?

We have all been there trying to work out what will and won’t work. It takes a huge amount of time to work out your brand and keep it consistent, from the overall look, stationery and marketing material, website and to social media.
So you really need to make sure it is working from when you start your business or you could potentially be missing out on clients and orders.
I can help by performing a Business Brand Audit on your business and offer my results. This will be an analysis that shows how your brand is currently performing and what changes can be made to strengthen your brand to attract your ideal customer. We will chat about your strengths, brand values, your voice and ways to align your brand in your target market.


(spots are limited - typically booking 1-3 weeks in advance)

In this Business Brand Audit you will receive:

  • A 60-minute Zoom call where we will discuss your brand and where it is currently at and how it is performing and go through your completed workbook.

  • I will then begin the brand audit and see if it is all aligned. I will prepare a document of recommendations and show a mood board for a more authentic and aligned brand moving forward if this is needed.


  • We will do another 60-minute Zoom call and we will go through my recommendations and moodboard.

Introductory Special: $350

(+ 20% off all design services)

Please note: All projects must be for one/same business

Are you ready to take the world by storm?

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Schedule a quick intro call here and we’ll answer any questions you have.

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